Spawner Head

Spawner Head

For Minecraft 1.18.1


Spawner Head

MinecraftForge 1.18.1

This mod adds a new mob: the Spawner Head. Zombies and husks have a 1 in 50 chance of spawning with as a spawner head.


  • Spawner heads have much higher health than regular zombies as well as built in damage protection.
  • Its spawner is selected from a weighted list, and can include zombies, husks, spiders, skeletons, and strays.
  • Upon encountering a spawner head, the player can choose to defeat it for loot or capture it to use as a mob farm.
  • On death, the spawner head will drop a large amount of experience points as well as loot that you would find in a dungeon chest.
  • To use one as a mob farm, the player must lure it to a safer location, use a name tag to prevent despawning, and fight off the waves of spawned enemies in the process.
  • Spawner heads, much like other undead, will burn in sunlight, making the capturing process more difficult.

Config Options

  • Spawn Rate: sets spawn rate of spawner heads (default 1 in 50)
  • Burns In Sunlight: sets if spawner heads burn in sunlight (default true)
  • Immune to Skeleton Arrows: spawner heads are immune to arrows shot by skeletons (default false)
  • Immune to creeper explosions: spawners heads are immune to creepers (default false)
  • Can Be Leashed: allows the player to use a lead on spawner heads to make it easier to capture (default false)
  • Drop Special Loot: sets if the spawner drops dungeon chest loot on death, otherwise will drop zombie loot. (default true)
  • There is a separate json file located in config/spawnerhead called spawn_potentials.json, that allows you to modify the spawn weights and add any mob to the spawn list pool, including modded mobs. Leaving this empty will make every spawner a zombie spawner.
Below are the default spawn weights: