Put on your best armor and craft your strongest sword, and venture out into the darkest caves and coldest nights.
They are waiting for you.

Requires MinecraftForge for 1.16.5

Ice Cube

Ice Cubes are animated blocks of ice that wander the frozen terrains of the Overworld. They are born with a chilling hatred for their molten cousins that dwell in the Nether. Ice Cubes can only a tolerate slightly warmer climates and will melt in hot biomes such as deserts.

Skeletal Knight

This bony warrior quickly cuts down foes with weak armor. They may not have the coordination of zombies, but they are faster, tougher, and meaner.

Some dungeons will rarely have skeletal knight spawners.


The Maw is a large, mysterious inhabitant of the Nether Wastes biome, often found scattered across the netherrack floor or hanging from the ceiling. They have an insatiable hunger and will attempt to eat almost anything it touches. For most prey, this is an inescapable death. Fortunately, Maws cannot move and are blind. Maws gain health regeneration after every meal.

When killed, a Maw has a chance to drop its tongue. Right-clicking a bone block on the top or bottom will spawn a tamed maw. Tamed maws do not eat players. Be careful hanging one from ceilings, they levitate upwards if their supporting blocks are broken. Right-clicking a tamed maw with a gold nugget will allow you to pick up its tongue to move it somewhere else. They can healed with rotten flesh.



Ghosts are neutral mobs that try to avoid light. They will disappear if exposed to bright lights for too long.


Watchers are strange inhabitants of the End Islands. They only attack if provoked.