Ordered Chaos Dev

Ordered Chaos Dev

A hub for my Minecraft mods, built with the power of boredom and tea.

Mobtastic [1.16.5]

Adventurers beware! Mobtastic adds new vanilla-style mobs to make your game a little more challenging!

Project: Vibrant Journeys [1.16.5]

Project: Vibrant Journeys is a lightweight mod that adds a couple of small things in a vanilla+ style!

Spawner Head [1.18.1]

A dungeon on legs!

Wards [1.15.2]

Wards adds a new block that consumes enchanting power to damage mobs and buff players!

Puddles [1.16.5]

A small mod that generates puddles during rain!

The Hereafter [1.16.5 WIP]

A world lost to time.

Cozy Coniferous [1.16.5]

A collection of biomes with a coniferous theme! Adds new trees such as firs and redwoods!

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